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Ағылшын пәні бойынша тест сұрақтары, жауаптарымен.
Ағылшын пәні бойынша тест сұрақтары

Вариант №1
  1. – able or – ible ? Выберите   правильное  прилагательное
  2. enjoyable  
  3.  enjoible 
  4. enjoyable 
  5. enjoiable  
  6. enjoyible                                 
2) Выберите   правильное  слово  во множественном числе.
In the fall, the….begin to change colour.
  1. Leaf
  2. Leaves                                                               
  3. Leafes
  4. Leafs
  5. Leavs
3) Подберите к выделенному слову  подходящее   по смыслу 
An ancient story.
  1. humorous 
  2. old
  3. terrible                                                             
  4. lively
  5. strange 
 4)  Какому времени глагола относится   предложение
 I cook meal and my sister washes dishes.
     a) Present Simple 
     b) Present Continuous
     c) Future Simple                                                      
     d) Present Perfect
     e) Past Simple 

5) Предложение в форме Present continuous
     a) He always has lunch at 1 o clock
     b) We are taking photographs
     c) This novel isn’t boring at all                                  
     d) I have broken the window
     e) The translated the text yesterday

6) Выберите правильный вариант 
a) I saw her entering the room 
    b) I saw her enter the room 
    c) I saw her to enter the room                           
    d) I saw her to entering the room 
    e) I saw her a entered the room 

7) Подберите словаподходящие по смыслу 
I don’t like people who are not  ___ . They don’t speak   ____.
They hardly know the meaning of   ____  . They are very   ____. 
  1. impolite, politely, politeness, polite
  2. politeness, impolite, polite, politely
  3. politely, polite, impolite, politeness                
  4. polite, politely, politeness, impolite
  5. impolite, polite, politeness, politely
8) Определите к какой   части  речи относятся выделенные слова
We perform short plays sing song and play games.
  1. Noun, verb,
  2. Adjective, verb
  3. Verb, verb                                                       
  4. Verb, noun 
  5. Noun, noun 
9) Найдите   лишнее слово
      a) Hacker
      b) Adviser
      c) Finger                                                    
      d) Speaker
      e) Teacher    
 10)   Выберите   правильную форму  глагола
Nearly 2,000 years ago people  ……  ice-cream.
  1. eat
  2. ate
  3. have eaten                                                       
  4. eats 
  5. eating 
11) Выберите  сложные слова 
Head, Work, Note, Black,  Sun            
  a) shine, book boards, master, man             
            b) board, shine, book, man, master
            c) book, man, master, shine, board     
           d) man, book, shine, master, board
           e) master, man, book, board, shine
12) Вставьтенужныйглагол 
…..you (go) shopping last Monday? 
  1. was….go 
  2. do……go 
  3. did……went                                                               
  4. have….gone
  5. did….go 
13)   Вставьте подходящий по смыслу глагол 
        The old lady couldn’t  ­­_____ up the idea of visiting Paris,
  1. give
  2. make 
  3. take                                                                                         
  4. turn
  5. get 
  6. Укажите правильный вариант окончания существительного образованного от глагола  
Translate-? , Realize-?  Pronounce-? Connect-?
  1. –ion, -tion, -sion, -ssion 
  2. –tion, -tion, -tion. –ion
  3. –ion,-tion,-ion,-sion                                                     
  4. –tion,-ssion,-sion, -ion 
  5. –ssion, -tion, -ion, -sion 
15) Выберите верный  вариант
    Two men with guns got ------- the car and went into the shop.

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